štvrtok 3. júna 2010

Ancient Trader, finally submitted to XNA !

It was some time I posted :) We have been finishing the Ancient Trader game and we finally submitted it for xna yesterday. I hope it will get online soon :)

As I am postmorting it (already) at quarter to three forums I got a little nostalgic and found a scan of an old paper prototype of the game.

Reviews of PC version:

piatok 2. apríla 2010

Hey I am back! :)

I has been a crazy time, I was sick 2x then there was a tax return time, my dog Ein underwent surgery and is still getting better. Anyway hopefully everything will be great now and I will have more time for drawing and modeling :) And comic, and games :D

Here is the latest progress shot of my ninja turtle :)

sobota 20. marca 2010

I have finaly started working on my TMNT model in Zbrush. It's tons of fun, hope you like it :)

sobota 13. marca 2010

Fantasy Cartooning by Ben Caldwell

This is a great book and its lot of fun to draw from it :) I am taking the break from Anatomy Dojo and enjoying my free time on the weekends drawing from it.

Link to the book on Amazon.com

piatok 12. marca 2010

What a nice surprise this morning: Our "Bug" DVD is now featured product on CGPro store :) Good work Tomy! ;)

Zbrush 3.5! :)

I have just recieved my copy of Zbrush. The software improoved a lot from the time I first played with beta of Zbrush 1 :) I am thinking about not only becoming the true artist but also a sculptor. Its very exciting. I am planing on creating one bad ass Turtle Ninja as my first sculpture ;)

štvrtok 11. marca 2010