pondelok 28. decembra 2009

Freedom of Teach Anatomy Model

I ve just received great anatomy model from Freedom of Teach. I already own theyr male model and I just love both of them. It seems to me that the female model was modeled after our Klara Medkova reference DVD. It makes me really happy to see people use our products.. What is your opinion? Is it her? :)

Freedom of Teach Female Anatomy Model

Klara Medkova Reference DVD

utorok 15. decembra 2009

Alvin Lee Online Course

I always wanted to draw Street Fighter characters :) So when I found out about Alvin Lee's Online Course at www.Schoolism.com I was really tempted to attend. It's quite expensive but I love it. Here is our first assignment. I was supposed to draw character in perspective according to provided model sheet. It was lot of fun. This is my 2nd attempt. I feel there is still a problem with eyes, I will probably give it another try :)

nedeľa 13. decembra 2009

My first game almost finished! :)

This is quite exciting, we are definitely after beta stage and entering Gold soon. I am having first of the series of playtests today.

Here is the official website of the game, still under construction but you can already download soundtrack and see the art style. I think its pretty cool, what about you? :)

Just to make it clear, the art is by fantastic young artist Petr Vcelka. I was the producer, main game designer and art director.
Hey! :) My first blog! I would like to keep track of various online art courses I am attending as well as game designs I am working on.