nedeľa 28. februára 2010

How to Draw Manga Anatomy

Thanks to my friend J I was able to get this beautiful book, its' style looks very similar to style of an artist that illustrated my favorite game "Advance Wars" Is it the same one? Anyway, here is my first copy, I am looking forward to adding screen tones ^_^

Anatomy Drawing Dojo ! The way of the pencil.

I have enrolled myself in an imaginary Anatomy Drawing Dojo today. We train really hard every day to perfect our drawing skills and to become True Anatomy Artists. I am looking for classmates to join me :)

Here are the Dojo rules:
1. Only serious students should apply. A real martial arts master would make you sit 3 days and 3 nights in front of the dojo to prove that you are serious enough. But I will pretend you already did :D

2. Choose one Anatomy or Comic book you like as you will be redrawing all the anatomy pictures from it till its finished.

3. Practice every day is recommended. You should decide the amount of time you are going to spend, get a kitchen timer and set it so that you can focus 100% percent of your attention on drawing during your training. Prepare a drink and background music up front, turn off your skype etc. You don't want the Dojo Master to catch you while checking your email! Trust me on this :) Last time he did I had to clean the dishes for all the other students for a month.

4. Introduce yourself, write why you want to become true anatomy artist, which book you are going to use and why you chose that one.

5. Post your progress every day.

You can join here: CGtalk thread or Conceptart thread

sobota 27. februára 2010

I am reading Street Fighter 3 manga and I like Ryu's quest to become real martial artist. I wanna setup a training for me to become real manga artist :) I think I will start with seting up 2 hours per day to redraw Burne Hogarth anatomy. This is my first anatomy book ever, my mum bought it for me 20 years ago! :O I am getting old :) Anyway its really good, and I am looking forward to it. I will start today.

sobota 13. februára 2010

Capcom's Kung Fu Panda :)

We watched Kung Fu Panda today, and I was wondering what would Po looks like if he was made by Capcom for a Street Fighter game :) He looks kind of mean...

nedeľa 7. februára 2010

We are working on a new tutorial website and it seems our first video tutorial is going to be head modeling and texturing with very talented Kostas Yiatilis. Here is an character model sheet
I created for this tutorial, I hope you like it :)

streda 3. februára 2010


This is what I would eat every day for a breakfast during my stay in Tokyo, I have a lot of pleasant memories of that and I actually like it a lot so I tried to prepare it at home. This is my last masterpiece :) Yami!