pondelok 25. januára 2010

Muramasa Fanart

I have been playing Muramasa a lot recently :) It is definitely the most beautifull game on Wii and probably also on any other platform. I printed screenshot from game, the character was exactly 90 pixels high :) However it was really easy to draw the shapes into it referencing details from another artworks. Then I inked it with my new Manga pen :) and added screentones in Photoshop. I can see many mistakes I did but I learned a lot and it was fun ^_^ I hope you like it.

streda 20. januára 2010

Yay! I've just recieved Manga University Home Study Course ^_^

It contains 6 lessons on USB stick, manga pen, sketch book and "A 3-page personalized critique and re-drawing of your artwork by one of Manga University's professional Japanese manga artists".
Looks pretty cool, T-shirt not included :)

utorok 19. januára 2010

My 1st "Excelent" rating on Alvin Lee Course

I am really happy about this, I spent a lot of time with redrawing it so it is as good as possible. Now I will work even harder! :) Ganbari Mas! ^_^

Modern Japanese Art with Traditional Brush Technique

This is a fantastic gallery of my friend Kouhei, he has a great talent for painting the modern anime in traditional brush technique. Be sure to check it out ;)

piatok 15. januára 2010

streda 13. januára 2010

I recieved Darksiders Artbook today!

I am pretty excited about it, I bought it on e-bay just 3 days ago and now it's here :) Cant wait to recieve the actual game. I just love the way Madureira do stuff. Imagine Zelda and God of War inspired game all made in cool Madureira comic art influenced by Darkstalkers. Can there be anything more cool? :)

Seems I have a good selection for tomorrows sketch :)

Wednesday Chun Li copy

utorok 12. januára 2010

Last year news :)

This is kind of old but I would feel really sorry not to put it in my blog, he he :) On October 19 IGN Daily Fix video with Jessica Chobot pirated my pirate design to illustrate the story of Microsoft fighting the piracy :D. Here is the video. I asked IGN for signed photo of Jess as an compensation. She was very cool and sent me this picture. Keep up the good work Jess! Your Daily Fix help me to wake up in the morning :)

sobota 9. januára 2010

Chun Li copy

This is my 1st copy of Chun Li from the book Street Fighter - Eternal Chalenge (Thanks again J ;)). It's not perfect but I had lot of fun and I learned a thing or 2 :)

2nd Assignment from Alvin Lee course

2nd Alvin Lee assignment. I drew the eyes too big and too close to each other. So what would a good and lazy Photoshop artist as me do? I just scaled and moved them till it looked ok :D (in case you are not sure this is supossed to be a good version :D)

utorok 5. januára 2010

Best way to learn drawing?

I ve been reserching the best way to learn drawing for several years by now (I know I should have been drawing instead :)) And I had a big revelation yesterday. Till now I would try to learn something from an anatomy book or any book on drawing and then try to draw something myself. As I am quite critical (=realistic) to my own work I ended up with something that I really don't like and this would discourage and frustrate me. Then it came to me. Shouldn't drawing be fun? Shouldn't each picture you draw motivate you to draw more? I bet that people like Joe Madureira or Frank Frazzeta started as a kids drawing from their favorite comic books!!! Think about it, it is much easier to draw something cool if you are copying something that is already cool. It's not only fun to do that, you actualy learn a lot by doing it and it keeps you comming back for more. And the more you draw the better you get!

To sum it up: Redraw pictures, characters and comic books you love. Than check the anatomy books, perspective etc just so you better understand what you doing and you can redraw it better next time. Once you draw enough you will start to create and draw your own characters and they will be cool :) And the most important part: you will enjoy the whole process. As one smart person said: "What is the point of doing it if its not fun?"

PS: I did some research and found the old copy of Joe Madureira website that is no longer online. Here is excerpt from his Art Advice FAQ:

....I would say I learned to draw from comics about 75% and books only about 25%. First my anatomy was based off John Byrne figures, then Art adams, Jim Lee, whatever. The anatomy books only helped me to understand what THEY were doing, because up until that point I was just copying what I saw, and didn't really know what I was doing. It was like an amazing discovery, finally learning " Wow, that big lump that Byrne draws on the back of someone's arm is called a tricep! "

.....If you want to draw comics though, there is no better place to learn from than another comic artist. Period. Everything you study afterwards, you can incorporate into your work, but you'll have a better grasp on how to apply it.

I wish I would have got it firs time I read it :D

Joe Madureira official fan page: www.joemadfan.com
John Byrne website
Art Adam's fan page
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