pondelok 25. januára 2010

Muramasa Fanart

I have been playing Muramasa a lot recently :) It is definitely the most beautifull game on Wii and probably also on any other platform. I printed screenshot from game, the character was exactly 90 pixels high :) However it was really easy to draw the shapes into it referencing details from another artworks. Then I inked it with my new Manga pen :) and added screentones in Photoshop. I can see many mistakes I did but I learned a lot and it was fun ^_^ I hope you like it.

2 komentáre:

  1. Cool! Did you use manga pen? Cool!


  2. Thanks J! ;) I like you version much more. Will it be on your website? I don't like the sreen tones I used, I will probably try new ones.