sobota 20. marca 2010

I have finaly started working on my TMNT model in Zbrush. It's tons of fun, hope you like it :)

sobota 13. marca 2010

Fantasy Cartooning by Ben Caldwell

This is a great book and its lot of fun to draw from it :) I am taking the break from Anatomy Dojo and enjoying my free time on the weekends drawing from it.

Link to the book on

piatok 12. marca 2010

What a nice surprise this morning: Our "Bug" DVD is now featured product on CGPro store :) Good work Tomy! ;)

Zbrush 3.5! :)

I have just recieved my copy of Zbrush. The software improoved a lot from the time I first played with beta of Zbrush 1 :) I am thinking about not only becoming the true artist but also a sculptor. Its very exciting. I am planing on creating one bad ass Turtle Ninja as my first sculpture ;)

štvrtok 11. marca 2010

pondelok 1. marca 2010

Calligraphy of our Dojo Master

He is very Old School, he still uses brush instead of pencil. He is kind of clumsy and fat, don't you think? Anyway, I hope he will not find this post :P